What is the definition of Garuda Approved Vendor List (AVL)?

Approved Vendor List ("AVL") is a list of vendors used in routine and non bidding procurement in Garuda. Vendors in AVL are Vendors who have passed the evaluation process conducted by Garuda.

Who may apply as Garuda Vendor?

Every company who has capability and the business field accordance with the Garuda needs and meet the requirements. Garuda prioritizes purchase on the direct source basis, that is to the goods/service providers such as factories or sole distributors (Direct Sourcing Approach) and avoid the purchase to non-value-added agents / vendors.

How to registered as Approved Vendor List (AVL) of Garuda?

Vendor who interest to registered as AVL should register through e-procurement website and follow the selection and evaluation process in accordance with Garuda provisions.

Vendor who interest to participate in bidding process may follow the terms and conditions which stated in Bidding Announcement of Garuda e-Procurement.

Why the vendor candidate is not accepted to be registered in Garuda AVL?

There are some reasons why a company who has already register can not be accepted as Garuda AVL, including but not limited to:
a.    The Company is a broker or non-value-added middleman company;
b.    Registration is not conducted within registration period according to its business field.
c.    Requirement to become Garuda Vendor can not  be fullfilled by vendor, including but not limited to :
       -    Late Submission of documents;
       -    Incompleteness of the submitted documents;
       -    There are documents that declared not genuine/false by the authorities that issuing the document;
       -    The documents are not valid and are not accompanied by notification of renewal;
d.    Based on Due Diligence evaluation, Company is unable to meet the Garuda’s criteria.